Thursday, November 1, 2007

Puscifer - V is for vagina

1.Queen B.
2.Dozo(Version 3)
3.Vagina mine
4.Momma Sed
5.Drunk With Power(Version 2)
6.The Undertaker
7.Trekka(Sean Beaven Mix)
8.Indigo children
9.Sour grapes
10.Rev 22'20(Dry martini Mix)

Puscifer is a project by James Keenan Maynard(of Tool and APC)...
I don't quite like this album...Perhaps because it's too vulgar.And because of the unusual voice Maynard uses..But maybe in time i'll start finding something interesting here...In fact i think i just found something :)
Some of the HeadSwitch's members think that the album is excelent...hmm...It's ok.
About the video for Queen B. I think it's ugly...I simply adore Tool's videos...But this one just won't do...

1 comment:

Mnemonik said...

Хороший альбом, просто к нему не стоит относиться как ко всему остальному творчеству Мэйнарда. Это абсолютно другое...
Альбом понравился, за исключением пары песен.
Rev 22 20 (Dry Martini Mix) - жжот=)