Tuesday, October 23, 2007

About HeadSwitch.

Year 2006. Boys with different tastes in music gathered from diverse Chishinau's music bands(Doll,ExNN,Corbus Albus).

From the begining of the project the plan was to make nu-metal with some electronic elements, but later on the music evolved and electronic sounds came to the front leaving the heavy sounds of guitar behind(although not getting rid of the guitars).

The band started experementig with different sounds, atmosphere and musical styles. The band's songs have collected elements from diverse styles: industrial, psychedelic, electronic, progressive, indie, dark ambient, asian and classical music.

At this moment the band posseses 10 songs with completely different moods, elemets and sounds.

HeadSwitch's members do not base on some kind of rules and play whatever their soul feels, without being influenced by other people's opinions,tastes and desires.
The recording of some tracks has already begun.

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