Sunday, October 21, 2007


This is our band! It's called HeadSwitch.
Here is a picture of us!I'm in the top right corner.

Our misic style is quite complicated and is influensed by such world known bands as Radiohead,Nine inch Nails,Tool,Massive Attack and others.


Владислав said...

Oh my God! I saw U on MTV! U'r my favorite group! Whaaaa!!!!

spaceman said...

You don't say....:) Did you? :)
That's quite surprising :) Tncks

MeatMan said...

ыы новенький блог (=
пиздатенько, серенько и чувак с открытым ртом с амнезиака (=

ну а творчество бэнда ваще зашибись, жаль токо страна маловата, развернуться негде (=
кип ап дэ гуд ворк!!